iSikCure is a "mobile health information exchange" designed for the Africa health markets where payments for health services are predominantly out-of-pocket (50 of 54 African countries will qualify).

Patients can connect and communicate with doctors, labs, pharmacies, wellness providers, counselors etc., and then pay for health services received, from their mobile phones, enabling them to save on the cost of care and medicines, with a good measure of convenience (e.g. scheduling, adherence tracking, access to 2nd opinion), control (e.g. user verification, payment security, quality information) and choice (e.g., user ratings, visible prices and wait times, and supplier reputation).

Similarly, health service providers can procure medicines directly from wholesalers through an integrated ordering process.

Wholesalers, providers and patients benefit from scale & ease of payment.



“Wholesalers, providers and patients benefit from scale & ease of payment”.