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1. What is the Concierge Medication Delivery Program?

The program is a voluntary member-centered program. Members can order prescription and non-prescription medicines for delivery in their office or home. The service requires that members to enroll and provide consent. This program guarantees privacy, efficiency and saving.

2. Why is the program important for you to consider?

We understand that many members are worried about exhausting their medical benefits before the year ends. This is of utmost concern to persons living with a chronic disease. It's therefore important to help the members and their employers stretch their medical cover. The program can help members achieve savings that range between 20% and 70% compared to the manufacturer suggested retail prices. Secondly, the program also offers members the opportunity to speak to a pharmacist via phone about their prescription. Members of the program also receive health literature to support their health decisions. Health literacy, medication reconciliation and access to fair priced medicines are essential contributors to better lifestyles for persons with chronic disease.

3. Can medicines be delivered to my office or home?

Yes. Medicines can be delivered to designated office or pick-up locations at no extra charges. If the member prefers a home delivery, the member will be charged a standard delivery fee based on the location. Delivery fees are paid via an Mpesa Till Number 711880 before dispatch.

4. How long will it take for me to receive my medicines?

Ideally, orders submitted before 12 noon will be delivered on the same day. We strive to deliver within 4 business hours.

5. Can medicines be delivered outside of Nairobi?

The concierge distribution service can deliver medicines outside of Nairobi. The medicines are shipped via courier services to iSikCure's hubs or to the closest courier depot office as indicated by the member. Extra fees may apply for orders outside of Nairobi that are below Ksh 10,000.

6. Does the program guarantee that I will receive all my medicines at the same time?

The program cannot guarantee that all items requested will be available in stock. We however guarantee that we will do our best to source for the items from all preferred suppliers of drugs and confirm availability and the delivery times within 4 hours of placing the order. Members will be promptly notified in case an item is not in stock among the distributors approved to supply a given medication. Partial orders may be shipped while items that are out of stock are being processed. Members will be advised on the soonest available date for medications that are out of stock in the market.

7. Are only persons with known chronic diseases eligible for the program?

No. All members registered with MINET and dependents can enjoy the benefits of the Concierge Distribution services. Eligibility for cover is subject to the standard eligibility requirements of the member's scheme. Each member will be verified by the SMART system at the time of order processing or at the time of delivery. Members must provide an original prescription and valid claim form to be served.

8. Are all types of medication covered by the program?

The program only supports access to medicines that are prescribed by an appropriate provider, and cater for medicines registered in Kenya at the Pharmacy and Poisons Board. Non-pharmaceutical supplies and equipment can be ordered as well. For items not under the member's medical cover, the member will have to pay out of pocket via m-pesa or credit card.

9. Do members have to use the SMART System?

It is imperative that members use the SMART system. The service provider reserves the right to deny any members the service without proper validation of the members eligibility for medicines.

10. How soon after getting my prescription can I place my order?

Orders must be submitted within 7 days of receiving the prescription. Prescriptions submitted after 7 days of issue will be denied and the member may then elect to place the order and pay directly out-of-pocket. It is highly recommended that members submit their orders as soon as the provider issues it. Also, members should ensure that the prescriptions are legible to facilitate processing. Lastly, members are encouraged to check for the best prices from the iSikCure system before purchasing an item to be sure they are getting the best price for an item.

11. Can medicines be returned to the supplier?

While we understand that sometimes members may want to return the medicines to the supplier many days after the delivery of the item, it is important for members to understand that the supplier cannot restock any medicines that have been delivered and accepted by the member at the time of delivery. Members are encouraged to check for the quality of the package, the expiration date, the supplied quantity before signing the delivery note. In the even an item is deemed damaged prior to delivery, it will be fully replaced by the supplier within the shortest window possible. Reimbursements will be considered on a case by case basis upon satisfactory submission of evidence of damage at the time of delivery.

12. What happens if I have exhausted my limits?

Can I still participate in the program? Members who have exhausted their limits are encouraged to still use the service. However, the member will be required to pay out of pocket. Your insurance provider may from time to time provide written approval that the medicine be supplied even though the benefits have exhausted.

13. Is the patient information and data secure?

Our systems are encrypted and we work with HIPAA certified data storage providers to ensure privacy and security of medical records.

14. Will I be notified once my order has been received, processed and dispatched?

There are up to four notifications sent during the order process period. Upon receipt of an order, an Email or SMS is sent out acknowledging that order has been received, this is immediately followed by an interim quote sent via Email/SMS (This presents a client an overview of the costs and allows for confirmation whether to process order. For cash paying patients, payment is made to an Mpesa till number at this point). During processing, the pharmacy team might Call/Email/SMS to discuss prescription details, more so for poly-pharmacy cases (If this doesn't occur, there would be accompanying pharmacy advisory notes on the prescription processed). A notification is then sent during dispatch.

15. How can you guarantee the safety of my medication during delivery

We work with a logistics company that provides professional trained riders fitted with GPS trackers, safety gear and transportation hoods (the hoods allow for cold chain transportation). Outside Nairobi, the courier would be able to deliver to their depot across the 47 counties.

16. Is there a minimum order value?

We try batch orders into processing window time slots every 4 hours and based on designated delivery locations to minimize on costs. However, one can receive expedited deliveries at an additional fee both within and outside Nairobi.

17. What would I need to submit during delivery?

During the delivery, the member must submit their original prescription and claim form to receive the package. The member will also have to authenticate their details using the SMART system or as per the scheme's requirements.

18. What if a member has questions concerning their medication?

Our customer service team includes a pharmacist who reviews prescriptions during processing. The pharmacist is able to send out notifications with regards to particular prescription as needed with a follow up call within 24-hrs. upon delivery. For further information and queries the customer care number or email would be provided in the advisory notes.

19. Would there be any additional patient support services?

Our designated pick up points would also serve as patient support centres equipped with home based screening and rapid diagnostic kits. These centres would have a schedule of thematic trainings that are held every quarter and members can sign up based on interest. Further, based on members enrolled to the program, members can access a health information library and can receive scheduled customizable support via SMS based on tagged topics of interest.

20. So how do I enroll into the program?

Simply by signing up on www.my-vip-wellness-com. You can enquire on program eligibility details from the MINET customer service call center. There would be information packages giving an overview of the program. Further inquiries can be directed to the customer care email or phone number

21. What happens if my medication is out-of-stock? Do you substitute?

We do not substitute medications without approval from your medical provider.

22. Can I get my medications immediately or in less than 4 hours?

Unfortunately we cannot provide emergency delivery services. We guarantee delivery within a 4 hour window but strive to distribute your medication as soon as possible.

23. Is it possible to order a small quantity of a specific drug?

At this time, ordering is for full pack sizes only. Only under certain circumstances will we split packs. We recommend using our service for large quantity orders, full packs, and recurring prescriptions. For any questions about your prescription, call us at 0703 665 191.