Crowdfunding campaign
Live on Symbid

Crowdfunding campaign
Live on Symbid

Crowdfunding campaign
Live on Symbid

Crowdfunding campaign
Live on Symbid


-2015 rEPORT


People with Non Communicable Diseases in rural Kenya are most affected.


Few well trained providers to prescribe at local level


Lack of medication for chronic conditions in local pharmacies


The medication available is too expensive because of inefficient distribution


Sometimes the medication is counterfeit and unsafe


We work hard to get medicines to those who need them the most.

About the Crowdfunding Campaign

We seek €350,000 to enable us to fund our growth by investing in the following:

  1. Finance stock for our concierge delivery service and the Hubs: €100,000 worth of stock orders will enable us negotiate better prices to conveniently serve our channels.
  2. Grow to 70 new hubs by 2019. Funds will be used to renovate the rented spaces in townships,staff each hub with a clinical officer, and stock each Hub with test kits and medicines for target chronic conditions. Each hub requires an initial injection of €5,500 in a new catchment area, which gives us access to a pool of 200-250 diabetics and hypertensives, on average. The Hubs enable us maintain control of the value chain and will deliver long-term value for our investors. We invite you to support our capital campaign via Symbid, where no amount is too small or too big, as all covert to immediate turnover.

Sagitarix BV goes beyond just offering a return on investment. To make your investment even more personal, and a topic of discussion at the family dinner table, investors will have the opportunity to name a Hub. We welcome multiples of €5,500 to allocate each deal to a specific Hub. Performance reports of each named Hubs will be shared monthly with the respective investor. Our investors get to enjoy the personal experience of watching their money at work in a community while we manage the overall returns of the business.  Help us achieve our mission of getting medicines to those who need them the most. View our latest projects online The next hub can be your family’s special project worth €15 per day, the cost of a basic meal.  What are you waiting for? Tell a friend – click here… 



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2017 Winner “Get in the Ring” @ Hague

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